Red for a Reason

Recognizing National Blood Donor Month in TC.

Surviving the Season

Make it out alive this winter.

Emphasizing the Inuit

Dennos uses donation to expand exhibit.

NMC's University Center

Bringing higher education to Traverse City.

College and Credit Cards

A dangerous combination?

We Laugh, We Cry, We Support Local Theatre

Ringing in the New Year with the Old Town Playhouse.

Local Books for Beating Boredom

Check out these great reads from local Michigan authors!

Studying in Cyberspace

The pros and cons of online classes at NMC.

Know Your History

Student traces lineage back to Columbus. 

How to Have a Green Christmas

Tips for an eco-friendly holiday season.

TC's Charitable Organizations

Giving back to the community.

Laughing Through the Snow

The Traverse City comedy scene.

Author's Expo

Afternoon of writing in Traverse City.

Pick a Tree, Any Tree

Where to buy a Christmas tree locally.

Celebrating Aviation History at NMC

At NMC, the sky is the limit.

Northern Lights

All about the aurora borealis and when to spot them in Michigan!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

TC's favorite coffee shops.

Entertaining the Cold

Books and films to warm up with this winter.

Surgical Technology Program at NMC

NMC offers new medical program this spring.

Holding Off the Hype

Stores respect employees, close on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Alternatives

Find out how Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world!

Food for the Body and Soul

NMC is passionate about providing local food to students.

Forget the Text: Open Educational Resources at NMC

Textbooks breaking your bank? You're not alone.

Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Recognize consent and what to do if you've been sexually assaulted.

Sleep Comfort Month

November is Sleep Comfort Month!

Don't Be SAD This Winter

Winter blues? You're not alone.

SNAP Challenge: Living on a Food Stamp Budget

Could you survive on $29 a week?

NMC Alumni Event

NMC alumni come together to celebrate NMC's first 25 years.

Sesame Street's Newest Neighbor

Find out how Sesame Street intends to normalize autism in society.

Opera House Review: Broadway's Next Big Musical

This is not your average musical.

Star Wars Comes to TC

Coming out of hyperspace to Traverse City this December!

Upcoming Reboots

Shows and movies to look forward to in 2016.

Honoring Veterans

Thank you for supporting our Veterans!

A Bullet-N on College Safety

Puns are funny. School shootings? Not so much.

Understanding Mental Illness

It can affect anyone.

Mass Shootings: 1998-2015

A timeline brought to you by the LA Times.

Mayoral Q&A

WPP sits down with mayoral candidates Jeanine Easterday and Jim Carruthers.

Shooting from the Hip: One Opinion on Gun Safety

"Owning a gun is not just a right. It is a privilege..."

Faculty Wants Window Blinds

A letter from the Faculty Council.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Awareness begins with information.

Staying Energized Without Caffeine

Put the Red Bull down. It's going to be OK.

Power of a Positive Attitude

Improve your energy and happiness with this positive approach.

Gadgets in Academia

Smartphones: can't study with them, can't study without them.

Climbing at NMC

Hang cliffside in this exciting elective course!

Indigenous Peoples Day

Celebrating Northern Michigan's Native Culture.

The Cost of Living

Talk is cheap. Housing in TC is not.


Book-based festivities held by the National Writers Series.

The Strengths of Self-Defense

Techniques that might just save your life one day.

Rocky Horror: The Live Show

The beloved musical comes to life in TC.

Global Endorsement Program

Expand your horizons and study overseas with NMC's new program.

In the Minor-ity

Enjoying Traverse City as a minor.

Orange, Black, and Green?

Tips for a sustainable Halloween.

Surviving the Semester

Tips and tricks for staying on top of your academic goals.

Service Learning

Learn how certain courses at NMC are getting hands-on within the community.

No Animals, No Options

How accessible is a plant-based diet in Traverse City? Vegans may be coming up short.

Campus Allies

Struggling this semester? NMC has the tools to help!

Upcoming Events in T.C.

Catch all the hottest happenings this October.

October Blockbuster

What to watch for spooks and scares.

End Scene

The theatre program takes a final bow as enrollment numbers drop dramatically.

Your Student Groups: Get Involved On Campus

Here's how to get connected with our community.

Hops and Grapes

Why not consider a winery tour this Summer? Here are some places to start!

Oppose NMC Outsourcing

The following statement by the group "Adjuncts Concerned for Education" does not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper.

Ideas for Better Parking at NMC

It could be WAY better.

Hate Parking?

So does everyone else.

David is Excited for Summer Game Releases

It's all happening this summer!

Not Your Average Vacation

Panama City Beach is cool, but Cuba is a bit cooler

The Greatest Lineup

The Best Summer Music Festivals in America

Calm Car Rides

How to Travel Across the Country Without Killing Your Friends

Jake Bright Q&A

From "over the fence" college to the White House.

Country-Wide Hops Shortage

Our beer is in trouble!

Cherry Festival Survival Guide

How to survive the Traverse City spectacle that is the Cherry Festival!

Killer Peanuts on the Loose

The number one food allergy. Learn the signs, and you might save a life.

Hop-ing on the Craft Beer Movement

A little insight on the passion that makes our drink

Grandma 2.0

Joanna got a letter!

Etsy Played a Board Game: Monopolopoly

Everyones played it, here we are with the review of the greatest game of all time!

Potholes, Man!

Whoa. I see the music...

Water Roads of Michigan

The new, best way to move around our mitten.

Heroin on The Rise

Heroin use in TC is on the rise

Tiny Houses

Leaving the Joneses to Behind to Live Well With Less.

Dream Interpretation

What do you choose to make your dreams mean?

Electric Cars

New laws prohibit sales of a growing industry.

Maritime Academy Careers Ahoy!

Like boats? Big Boats? We have the thing for you!

David Played a Game: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

What has Lara gotten herself into this time?

Which Dog Fits Your Personality

The best dog is one that fits your personality.

Open Educational Resources

NMC offers free online textbooks for the struggling student.

Underlying Aspects of Sex Appeal

Do you have what it takes to be sexy?

Netflix Overlords

How Netflix consumes your life.

Meet the Minervinis

Meet the man who saved the hospital

Blowing Smoke in the Face of Danger

The Dangers of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Pinching St. Patrick

Kiss me, I'm probably Irish!

Musician Spotlight:

Blake Elliot, Vintage Doll

Slim for Summer

How to lose weight for the perfect bikini body

Dumpster Diving

Free stuff? Yes please!


Thats right folks, it is finally time for basketball!