Shock Jocks Bully TC Homeless?

Just because you're "Zany" does not mean you're allowed to be mean.

Walmart Woes

What does this new mega-mart mean for Kalkaska?

Holiday Alternatives

Mix up your holidays a little!

David Played a Game: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The much anticipated remastering of my childhood.

Christmas Specials

On behalf of the WPP, we all wish you a Merry Christmas!

TC's Booming Theater Season

Stay warm this winter, and see some plays at the Old Town Playhouse!

Winter at the Little Fleet

What works best in summer, may not be the greatest idea for winter.

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Sometimes the best gift is helping others.

Home for the Holidays

Going home this month can be a hassle for some, but not for us.

Snowpocalypse 2014 Part 2:

This Time it's Serious

Traverse City's Own Ferguson Rally

A rally for the betterment of our country in TC.

Dangers of Black Friday

It isn't always fun and games of the fateful days after Thanksgiving.

The True Hardships of being a Red Wings Fan

Everyones begrudging favorite.

Selecting a Student Group

With all these groups at NMC, which one are you joining?

Give Thanks for Grand Traverse

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, what does Traverse City have to offer your dinner table?

The Great Beerd Run

At the Grand Traverse Resort, there was an interesting sort of run. One with beards and beer.

Love Has No Boundaries, Not Even Prison Bars

The most controvesial marriage since Kimye.

David Played a Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

A review of the first of the November blockbusters of 2014.

How to Prepare Yourself for Mind-Numbing Exams

It's that time of year again! No not Christmas, exams!

The Bad Parts of Town: Saginaw vs. Traverse City

Compared to other towns, the bad parts of T.C. are practically the Vatican City.

Too Much Too Soon: Toddlers & Tiaras

The show everyone loves to hate.

The Unappreciated Workers of the Grand Traverse Mall

It may only be a day trip for you, but for them, it's a profession.

Inside Attractions in TC

As winter approaches, it is guaranteed you will not want to leave the comfort of indoors. Here are some things to do inside!

Annexation and Apartheid in Palestine

The need for foreign aid in the most war torn region in history.

Racism on Campus

Letter to the Editor.

North Peak Brewing Company

Our Co-Editor in Chief samples some good eats at a Traverse City classic.

Wrestling the Budget of the WWE Network

With the Hulkmania hayday long past, the WWE won't tap out.

Banned Books

Books banned for being so blasphemous, so perverted, so... wizard-y?

A Native Presence at NMC

November is Native American Heritage Month! A look at NMC's resident Native Americans.

Native Origins of Michigan's County Names

Where exactly did all of our funky county names come from?

Trying to Bounce Back

Getting back into society as a convicted felon certainly isn't easy.

Mental Illness

Common Types and What to Do.

Swift's Stupid Spotify Stunt

Taylor throws a little tantrum.

The Single Life... of a Parent Going to College

Going to school and raising a family... by herself.

Frightful Fun in Northern Michigan

Haunted attractions gain attention

Which is Creepier?

Tell us on Twitter which is creepier!

Dystonia Survivor at NMC

The crippling disease that Madison suffers from, every second of her life

Say Cheese...Cake!

Underground Cheesecake Company gets new owner

Armada Murder Solved

A murder in Michigan solved, much later than hoped

Batfleck: Affleck Takes His Turn as Batman

The newly announced Batman has some fans quivering

A Haunting in Northern Michigan

Michigan has spots that will chill you to the bone...

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Takes the Stage

The Old Town Playhouse's take on the classic Steve Martin film, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Golden Gone Girl

Our very own Editor in Chief reviews Gone Girl

Spoopy Stories from Beyond the Internet

No, it isn't a typo, it's a meme

Halloween Events in Traverse City

Whats happening in our fair town this Halloween?

Elected Leaders Deny Climate Change, as Their Constituents' Basements Flood

He may be Dr. Dan, but when his district floods, he should maybe figure out what to do

Devil's Night: More Scary Than Fun

The PreHalloween annual apocalypse

Hallo-what?!: A Little History of Halloween

Whatever Halloween represents to you, the origin of Halloween may be surprising and a little freaky indeed.

Halloween Gone Homicidal

Halloween, a day of fun, apparently is an excellent day for a murder...

A Need for Shelter: Homelessness in Traverse City

The growing need of a refuge for the homeless in our town

A Pizza Nation

Learn more about our favorite non-dessert pie!

Finding a 'Solution'

How do we fix the bullying epidemic?

An Autumn Trek With My Dad

A photographic trip around our beautiful state

Fall Traditions

Whats happening in TC this fall?

Thrift Shopping: If Macklemore Does It, Then It Must Be Cool

The Coolest Clothes for Students Strapped for Cash!

Beware of the Bully

Violence in Traverse City schools prompts anti-bullying education

Changing Leaves

Why are the leaves changing, and how does our town change anually because of it

Pumpkin Craze

America's fascination with the autumnal... Fruit?

Enrollment Decline Prompts Salary Freeze, Tuition Hike

Fewer students means fewer classes, increased tuition, and lower salaries for students and teachers at NMC

Stepping Out of the Shadows: NMC Acquires Motel

NMC acquires former Shadowlands Motel for use as dormitories; Students wary.

Global Endorsement

The Global Endorsement program allows NMC students to learn about the Earth, and the many diverse cultures it holds.

Getting Down and Dirty with Rugby

A brief history of one of the most violent and intense sports in the history of sports.

Dennos Museum to Feature Ken Scott Photography

From September 21st to October 26th, the Denoos Museum will feature local photographer Ken Scott

Apprentice to Practiced Poet

NMC's hidden gem for the budding poet

Oh, Honey!

Do you like bees? No? Well you should!

Why am I Grumpy?

How to avoid being down in the dumps, and tips to have a great semester!

So All Your Friends Transferred to University

A Step by Step Gude to Maintain Sanity this Year

Common Ground: Disparate ideologies, shared goals

Planned Parenthood and Pregnancy Care Center

NMC goes to Denmark: Students benefit from Danish energy expertise

Farvel, United States, and Goddag, Denmark!
Students at NMC who are studying Business, Business Management, or Renewable Energy will board a flight to Copenhagen on May 19 and will be staying until May 30 for a ten-day trip to learn about sustainable and renewable energy practices in Denmark.

TEDx comes back to Traverse City

For the fourth year running, TEDxTraverseCity promises to inspire, enlighten, and motivate its attendees. TEDxTraverseCity is a one-day event that brings together local and national minds to speak about revolutionary ideas. It will take place on May 14 at the Milliken Auditorium on NMC’s main campus, and will be simulcast to the State Theater. This year’s theme is “Game Changers: Designing Tomorrow.”

Area beaches: What you should know

Area beaches: What you should know

Composting: A fresh start

Andy Gale needed a job. It was 2008, and he and his wife had just moved to Traverse City from Chicago. So began Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC), a 501C3 non-profit organization that turns the stuff we throw out into money for charities. BARC provides a recycling and composting service, both for residential customers and businesses. When they turn a profit, they donate the money to charities.

"Not in my backyard"

After months and months of controversy, those experiencing homelessness in Traverse City finally have a place to do it.

How to cook when you have no kitchen

Living without a home is tough. You’re too cold, you’re too hot, your bed is made of cement. And you’re hungry. My god are you hungry. But here are some recipes and tips you can follow to help yourself stay fed.

Top musicians promise to start using “real” instruments

Jay-Z sits in his black leather chair with a fire roaring in his Florida home. Dressed in grey sweatpants and a black hoodie, he sits calmly. He starts by saying “I think I’ve lost what it means to be musician. Wait no, I don’t think I ever knew what it meant to be a musician. But here I am, with multiple platinum albums, and a plethora of fame and wealth. I don’t know how to play a guitar, I don’t know how to play a piano, and I certainly have no idea how to play the drums. But as I just said, here I am, recognized as one of the world’s greatest musicians.”

Heaven on Earth: Where happiness and equality reign

Somewhere between the high mountain ranges of Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, a land stands out to the world for being a land of peace and opportunity. A land that amazes people: how can such a peaceful place be found on earth, they ask? A land that hasn’t experienced war, and indeed, no other country dares attack it because of its tight security and well-structured government. A land that is often called “Heaven,” for its decades of peacefulness, which has set an example to the rest of the world.


Another domestic attack was called into the Traverse City Police Department last week. Amanda Plake, a resident of Grand Traverse County, was found dead in her apartment Tuesday around one in the morning.

Marriage equality in Michigan: Court case could grant gay couples rights

At the moment these words were put to paper, somewhere around 280,000 people in Michigan were barred from marriage. About 44,000 of these people have created a life together anyway. Some of them share in the task of raising children. We’re talking, of course, about gay people.

Oddly entertaining: The world's weirdest festivals

Traverse City natives have grown accustomed to all the festivals that pop up year-round—the National Cherry Festival, the Traverse City Film Festival, and multiple microbrew festivals, just to name a few. We go to these gatherings and mingle with normal people in a normal setting and consider ourselves to be pretty normal. But how normal would you rate the people who attend and celebrate festivals like the Luxembourg Cow Painting Festival, Cooper Hill Cheese Rolling Festival in England, or the Golden Shears Sheep Shearing Festival in New Zealand?

International Club hosts exotic dinner: Students raise funds for scholarships

The NMC International Club’s Annual International Dinner offers the sounds of music and a taste of talent from different lands. Attendees will get a glimpse of foreign cultures, including, for example, that of Ecuador, an equatorial country that lies far away on the Pacific, a land of diversity, lush vegetation, a place for music and the homeland of Marimba dance.

The swollen smiles of muddy March

It wasn’t the worst winter—whether we whine, migrate south, or embrace it. The worst is yet to be endured before spring flowers blossom.  The running-off of melting snow, rain, and flooding all saturate the landscape making everything a muddy mess. A cleansing of last fall’s debris washes away what was left behind and what didn’t survive the winter, the decaying nutrients of rejuvenation, carried through the wetlands, ponds, and lakes.

Wabunowin equinox phenology

When the sun moves northward enough to be seen directly overhead of the earth’s equator it is known as the meteorological beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Equinox means "equal night," referring to the fact that day and night are equal in length. This occurs on either March 20 or 21, the sun rising exactly due east and setting exactly due west. Dawning of song within the woodlands at the break of the rising sun marks the timeliness of the circadian rhythms of nature’s beat.

The overlooked privilege of attending community college

When I first came to Northwestern Michigan College in the fall of 2010, I never imagined I’d be able to make it as far as I have. After graduating high school with a 1.8 GPA, I enrolled at the behest of my father, a renowned Datastician who’d spent over a decade of his life earning various degrees himself.

The Michigan wolf hunt: A controversy of wildlife conservation

It is said that Saint Francis once met with a wolf outside the village of Gubbio, Italy. It had been threatening villagers, but rather than killing it, St. Francis and a notary agreed that if fed and allowed to wander the village, the wolf would never harm man nor beast there.

Campus Ink

For the past few weeks, readers have been submitting their tattoos and designs to the White Pine Press Campus Ink Tattoo Contest Facebook page. With 452 “likes,” our winner, Hannah, will receive free time under the needle from her choice of our sponsors. Here’s her winning tattoo, along with some of the runners up.

Armed and Dangerous?

Gun control has been a hot topic over the past few years, especially given the string of mass shootings. According to the “Washington Post,” There have been at least 44 school shootings at elementary schools or colleges since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

You never know what you're going to get in a box of chocolate

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me…WHACK, BOOM, BANG! That kind of crazy love has splattered blood-red since the martyr St. Valentine’s own neck was stretched from a hangman’s noose. (His crime: marrying those who were forbidden to marry and ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire in AD 496.) From then till now the symbolism seems to tread between the psychotic and true love, which may make you think twice of those infatuated stares you share with a lover before bed.

Traverse City hosts Comedy Fest

This month, America's best comedians (well, the ones hearty enough to make the trek north) will arrive by plane, car and dogsled in order to appear live on stage in Traverse City for the annual Winter Comedy Arts Festival, February 13-16.

Adjuncts After Hours: Glenn Wolff

In most cultures and countries teachers and professors are suggested to be respected as parents. Professors are the ones that teach their students ways on how to be successful in life, think critically, thinking outside the box, and teach their students from their life experience. Most students and faculty form a distinction between professors and adjunct professors, possibly because of adjuncts' part-time teaching status.


When the snow begins dancing between the fishing shanties the wind escorts a new breed of adventure to the ice. Deemed extreme this primordial call of nature’s chaos brings the peaceful warriors of snow kiting to the Great Lakes tundra of glistening snow. Hook-n-bullet motor heads stand in awe hearing one explain, “I reckon it be like shoot’n coyote,” though even the coyote doesn’t move as swiftly over the frozen lakes with speeds silently reaching 30 mph.


On the third Monday of each month, story tellers and listeners gather at the InsideOut Gallery for “Here:Say,” where performers tell their stories—some funny, some serious, some both—to a willing audience.

Winter Bounty: Local merchants see thriving business year round

Traverse City suffers no shortage of farm markets and outlets for local produce and products in the spring, summer and fall; the winter months are no exception. The Indoor Farmers Market, located at The Grand Traverse Commons in the Mercato corridor, gives local farmers, artisans, and other merchants a chance to showcase their products.

The High Island Long Hairs House of Virgins: The House of David Cult

         With the exception of Alaska, Michigan has the largest amount of coastline in the United States, with each of the Great Lakes of Michigan harboring archipelagos.  Such as Lake Superior’s Isle Royale, which harbors over 450 islands including 5 islands within islands, the 56 islands of Lake Huron’s Potagannissing Bay (Bay of Many Bays), harbored along Drummond Island’s north shore, and, of course, the Beaver Island Archipelago and the Les Cheneaux Islands. 

The Patented Crapper Fallacies

        I wrapped my hands around a Pacific madrona tree rooted to an out-cropping of volcanic rock, then leaned slightly back in a squatting position … and walked away feeling clean and much lighter. I spent the rest of my Sea Quest Expedition touring season hanging my ass in the wind.

Get Inked: Flourishing tattoo industry means choices for T.C. residents

        Traverse City has no shortage of tattoo parlors. In fact, anyone looking for ink in this town can choose between seven different studios—eight if you include one in Suttons Bay. The variety of choices means potential tattooees can shop around, compare portfolios, and find just the right artist to create their tattoos. It also means ease in finding clean, reputable establishments. We profiled just a few of the these to give readers a peek into the tattoo scene in T.C.

The Little Fleet

You may not have seen it, hiding behind all those food trucks in the old Jack’s Party Store parking lot this summer, but it’s there. Named for all those fragrant food vendors, The Little Fleet opened this past July.

Paul Walker: An appreciation

       Among the shocking details of Paul Walker's death this past weekend was his age--he'd turned 40 only a few months before the car accident that claimed his life. In his most recent "Fast & Furious" installment, Walker still looked like the blue-eyed twenty-something California surfer he was when he broke through in the film business years ago. His stature as the impossibly good-looking SoCal blond defined him in those early days--a stint on a soap opera, a role in the utopian 1950s send-up "Pleasantville" as the handsome jock who never misses a jump shot.

Resolutions you won't keep

            Much like moving in with your first roommate, getting your first bill, adopting your first dog, New Years Resolutions aren't meant to last long. No sooner than you have made the loud boasting promise for the new year, it comes unfurled literally hours after it was made. Alas, the bills pile up, you realize the love of your life prefers gluten free diets, and Sprinkles just can't seem to understand that your collection of vintage vinyls aren't supposed to smell like pee.

Walking in a winter wonderland: living on the streets in Traverse City

       We will be enjoying the holidays with family, soon.

       Nestled in our heated, comfortable living spaces, we will enjoy the sights and sounds of our greatest personal achievements. Unfortunately, there are some who do not celebrate the holidays in grandeur. That isn't to say you don't deserve your lifestyle, with all of it's amenities. It doesn't mean you made better choices or were the nicest person all of the time; but you earned your keep and so you uphold it.

Michigan court to rule on gay marriage and adoptions

       Gay marriage in Michigan could get a huge win on February 25, 2014 with the ruling of DeBoer v. Snyder; however there is speculation that the case might make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. April DeBoer, 42, and Jayne Rowe, 48, have been in a committed relationship for more than six years, and they are currently raising three adopted children. They live in the Detroit area and are both nurses. DeBoer is the legal guardian of only one child, and Rowe is the legal guardian of the other two children.

Buff up for boot camp; prepare for police academy

       NMC's Physical Fitness Center is reaching out to the community and students by providing a class for those who have interest in joining the military or police academy. The new course, called Physical Agility Preparation, will be the first of its kind offered at NMC.

Northern Michigan: the remedy for nature deficit

       If you have chosen to live in Northern Michigan, it’s likely that the state’s wilderness and wildlife had something to do with that decision. Over 3,000 coastal miles of Great Lakes are connected by 36,350 miles of rivers and streams the aquatic gems that surround our States peninsulas.

Reaching out

       NMC’s International Club will reach out to the community by hosting a small dinner, “Global Flavors,” on Nov. 15 at Olsen’s Center.  Only 30 tickets will be available, at a cost of 10 dollars for students and 15 for faculty and community members. Anyone can purchase from them Lindsey Dickinson, NMC International Club (NMCIC) advisor, or any of the NMCIC members. The club’s goal is to teach community members and domestic students life outside America. This will be the first time the NMCIC has hosted a dinner in the fall. It is a small dinner so people can have a chance to know about the international students at NMC. The students will talk about their life back home and there will be food from different countries cooked by the IC members.

Beyond the uniform

Jamie Horten

       Kingsley native Jamie Horten served in the Army for 12 years. He was deployed four times, once to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan, but on those deployments he traveled all over, to places like Kuwait and Turkey.

Lucas Clark

       Hailing from Rapid City, Lucas Clark served in the U.S. Army for three years and four months before being honorably discharged. He was a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout, ranking as an E4 specialist.

Michael Reese

       Originally from Flint, Michael Reese’s family moved to Traverse City when he was three years old. He joined the Marine Corps in Oct. 2009, working as a 0612-tactical switchboard operator.

Hiking amongst Hunters

      Some consider it Dawinistic to go hiking in a forest during hunting season. So even though any die-hard naturalist will tell you it’s best to blend with your environment, between November 15  and 30 there are over 700,000 bullets looking for a target, so it’s best to stick-out like a day-glo pumpikin.

The lighthouse at the end of the road: Halloween Display beckons thrill seekers north

      One of the 88 lighthouses that stud the mitt's “Gold Coast” the Grand Traverse Lighthouse crowns the tip of Leelanau peninsula, separated from Northport by acres of vineyards. The claustrophobic highway winds its way through thousands of trees, their colors changing in a schizophrenic scramble to hide from winter. Our drive is calm among the three familiar shades of yellow, orange and brown until our car struggles to find grip in the road through light rain. (Our 2009 KIA Spectre enjoys hydroplaning on less than a centimeter of moisture—entirely dangerous during particularly wet seasons.)

Another fall festivity: The Onion Run

       The Onion Run isn’t what it sounds. It’s not a 5k where participants are handed a bag of goodies, given a t-shirt and sent on their merry way to jog for forty minutes. While 5ks like the Turkey Trot and the Zombie Run are fun, they are far from similar to the Onion Run. In fact, despite being called a run, the Onion Run is actually more like an Onion Ride.

The Candidates: City Commissioner

      There are seven candidates competing for three open seats on the city commission in Traverse City. City commissioners oversee important issues like taxation and use of tax revenue, as well as development of local projects and infrastructure. Here’s the run-down on all of them.


Harbor work underway

      For years the harbor mouth at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy has needed regular and expensive dredging, but a $2.6 million project to solve this problem is now underway.

      The harbor renovation will allow more vessels to get in and out of the harbor, and the plans call for the demolition of an old break wall and the construction of a jetty 250 feet long by 22 feet wide.

      The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will pay for $2 million of the total cost; NMC will pay the rest.

Too much eye contact could be why we're not seeing eye to eye

Like most Americans, I haven't looked up from my smartphone since 2007. I've evolved a nice set of sensitive, molelike whiskers that allow me to navigate around things like walls, other humans or automobiles. But there are still times when I'm forced into human interaction, and I've wondered--between Facebook posts--if not making eye contact is hampering my communication skills. After all, my dad always said it's best to look a person in the eyes when speaking.

Group work in class has hidden benefits

Teamwork occurs when a group of people combine each member’s individual strengths and incorporate each member’s ideas towards the goal of the group. Everyday people observe and partake in teamwork. Whether it be watching the Tigers play, or helping a coworker lift a heavy box, teamwork is constantly around us.

Battle of the Chefs

Monday Oct. 24, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

On the third Monday of each month, Sodexo’s Northwestern Michigan Food Court hosts a Battle of the Chefs, in which two chefs go head-to-head preparing an entrée. The competition is judged by students, who rate each chef in three categories:  taste, creativity, and presentation.

Job prospects boost flight school numbers "Focus flies high"

 NMC’s aviation program has been teaching people for over forty years.  Now the program is preparing students to compete in the avionics field with training in the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also known as drones. While many associate drones with war tactics and spying, the department sees them as big piece of the future of aviation.

Expression policy delayed "Revision of campus expression policy on hold"

Revision of NMC’s campus expression policy, which regulates several forms of free speech, including protests, has been delayed until this spring. Adopted by the Board of Trustees in April 2013, the current policy has been in abeyance (it’s not being enforced) since the following May.

The essay that changed a life

       Samantha Graves was always interested in farming. She grew up on a cherry farm and has fond memories of watching it operate. 

       “It was kind of a magical place,” she says. “There were people that spoke foreign languages and there were all these machines moving through and there were planes with these clouds spraying behind … it was a cool place for me as a child.”

Mycological Society promotes environmental clean-up

       The Grand Traverse Mycology society is a student group aimed at promoting the science of fungi through interactive discussions, workshops, experiments and forays.  This group explores the medicinal benefits of mushrooms as well as their bioremediation capabilities, that is to say the use of either naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms or other forms of life to consume and break down environmental pollutants in order to clean up a polluted site.

NMC continues renewable energy programs, practices

       October is Energy Awareness Month, and for 22 years non-profit organizations, businesses large and small, government organizations, and concerned citizens have celebrated this month with activities, actions to promote public understanding of our energy needs and simple ways to reduce the amount of energy we consume in our daily lives. NMC has taken the message of energy awareness and renewable energy to heart and has been working with the Midwest Solar Training Network and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association to bring expanded training opportunities to Michigan.

Movie Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Understated. It’s not a word we generally associate with Shakespeare, or with director Joss Whedon (“The Avengers,” “Cabin in the Woods”). But that’s exactly what we get with Whedon’s recent production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”  

Pinepalooza "Shows off student groups"

      Free food, music, laughter, games, variety of prices and fresh cookies can all be found at the NMC Pinepalooza fair, which took place Sept 10 for the sixth straight year. Student groups are the focus, but NMC offices and departments participate as well, sharing information about their goals and purposes at NMC. 

Kid's Creek rerouted, restored "Updated Park Brings rehabilitation to the land and community"

     In 2008, Munson Medical Center partnered with The Watershed Center and the Grand Traverse Conservation District to restore Kid's Creek bordering the hospital's main parking lot. The project has received funding from the Edmund & Virginia Ball Foundation, the Beers Family Foundation, and has been offered a large amount of assistance from within the community through volunteer workers.

Reviving Giants "Bringing sequoias to life"

      It’s a radical idea in the fight against climate change:  reforest the earth with the biggest trees known to man—redwoods and sequoias. But that’s exactly what Archangel Ancient Tree Archive aims to do. Run by father and sons team David Milarch, Jared Milarch and Jake Milarch, with help from business partner Terry Mock, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive’s mission is to clone “champion trees,” the biggest specimens of a species. That includes redwoods and sequoias, which the group sees as our best hope for saving the earth.

NMC to host third annual TEDx

The Miliken Auditorium will be hosting its third annual TedX Traverse City event on Wednesday, May 15. TedX will feature 19 speakers, including scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, economists, and human rights advocates. Two student speakers will also be present, including international student Olubusayo Akande from western Nigeria, a graduate of the AAS Renewable Energy Technology program at NMC, who will speak about American misconceptions on Africa. It will also feature three musical guests: 11-year-old Sonya Shoup of Northern Michigan, local songwriter Blake Elliot, and traditional folk duo Don Julin and Billy Strings.

Tree Archangel asks NMC to plant trees

David Milarch of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a non-profit organization that specializes in the cloning of “champion trees” (the largest trees of a specific species), spoke to a group of community members and students at NMC April 22 about the impact of trees on the environment. The talk focused on giant sequoias in particular, and Milarch shared his passion for repopulating the earth with these carbon-absorbing titans.

2013 Comencement

Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., roughly 200 soon-to-be NMC graduates will participate in the 2013 spring commencement located in the gymnasium of Traverse City Central High School. After every fall and spring term, NMC students receive certificates and/or degrees, but since the ceremony is held only after spring term, both fall 2012 graduates and spring 2013 graduates are welcomed to walk. Also included in commencement are graduates of specific degrees through Ferris State and those students in the NMC Maritime program.

NMC Students accidentally approve hate group

A new student group has been approved for funding after a petition was circulated throughout the NMC campus. The group, modeled after the Westboro Baptist Church, requested funding from the Student Government Association last week, but the SGA was unsure if granting funding to the group would be too controversial.

Alternative Spring Break: Students sacrifice vacation to help the community

It’s a tall order to sell: “Spend your spring break doing chores for someone else.” But that’s exactly what the members of NMC’s student Group Alternative Spring Break spent their week doing. The group assisted an organization called the St. Bernard Project, named after the St Bernard parish (similar to a county), which suffered the most damage from hurricane Katrina. After the storm hit, 100 percent of the homes in the parish were rendered uninhabitable.

The University Center

The University Center is a joint effort between Northwestern Michigan College and some of Michigan’s four-year universities to bring extended education to those who cannot or prefer not to leave Northern Michigan.

Resume DO's and DON'Ts

What you should and shouldn't do when writing a resume.

NMC adopts Hawk Owl as mascot

Ferris has the Bulldogs, Michigan Tech has the Huskies, and now Northwestern Michigan College has the Hawk Owls. That’s right: the board of Northwestern Michigan College has decided to adopt the Hawk Owl as its school mascot.

Tasters’ Guild

On the evening of Friday, February 22, 400 people filled NMC’s Great Lakes Campus for this year’s Tasters’ Guild. The event, put on by the students of the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, serves as a scholarship fundraiser, and regularly garners great success.

Local food truck upsets establishment(s)

For the past few years, the mobile food craze has expanded throughout the United States, no longer focused in large cities like New York or Los Angeles. A now one billion dollar industry, the food truck business has grown at a rate of 8.4% from 2007 to 2012, making it one of the fastest growing markets to date.

Fight to Work (extended)

Why Right to Work won't work for Michigan

John Zachman debate interview

Dr. John Zachman of NMC talks all things presidentail debates. Questions include the aim of candidates and their campaigns, missing elements, and why debates are the way they are.

Horror is dead

Remember when Halloween was about dressing up as gargoyles to frighten away demons?
    Of course you don’t. Halloween costumes are all about shock now. How much gore can I simulate? How much skin can I show?

“The American President” and “The Candidate”

This month, the State Theater’s matinee classics go on the campaign trail, presenting films set in the world of major league American politics.

International Student Profile: Obad Yousef

Unbeknownst to many, NMC has quite a diverse, international student population. International students are a great benefit to our college.

The Neutral Zone

Imagine all the roads you drove on were owned by private companies—let's call them Road Service Providers (like Internet Service Providers, or ISPs). You would pay some sort of fee, and they in turn would allow you to use their road system to get to the places you wanted to go.

Elections for sale

No matter what you think of corporate personhood, the difference between efforts to gather campaign funds through donation in the 2008 presidential race and that of 2012 should be self-evident.

Got your 6: NMC has veterans' backs

 Military Services, a component of the new Outreach Services Department, is implementing an innovative program designed particularly for veterans, active personnel and their families.

Academics’ march redux: NMC returns to Cherry Royale Parade

NMC prepares to participate in the Cherry Royale Parade again this year with a global theme.